New video is up! BeetleboxCI is a new continuous integration solution for FPGAs. Let’s see how it can help automate high performance solutions. We are currently in Early Access and are providing free access.


“BeetleboxCI is a solution for making the FPGA design process faster through automation. Field Programmable Gate Arrays or FPGAs for short are specialist chips that when used in the right applications can achieve tenfold performance over your regular CPUs. They are commonly used in any area where massive amounts of data need to be processed quickly and have been used in a wide variety of applications from operating AI in datacenters to powering telecoms. A single FPGA can replace several CPUs and provide substantial savings .

So let’s meet Jane. Jane is an AI systems architect and needs to deliver start of the art image recognition for her client who is creating the latest social media app. Her AI needs to be fast enough to deal with the huge amounts of traffic being generated and the current hardware on her server can’t handle it. She has about the power of FPGAs, but has heard about the difficulties in using them. To adopt them she needs FPGAs to fit into the company’s modern software development process and be able to deliver updates regularly to adapt to the ever changing needs of her client. To do this, she turns to BeetleboxCI. BeetleboxCI is the first Continuous Integration solution specifically designed for FPGAs and allows Jane to rapidly deliver high performance AI.

Jane has a diverse team from hardware engineers to software app developers and needs all of them to co-ordinate together. Using BeetleboxCI allows all her team to work on the same system through a single automated pipeline. Each member of her team contributes to a version control provider such as Github.  When a member creates new commits to the code BeetleboxCI will trigger their workflow, which will automatically run through their build and test process. Once ready their builds are packaged up into an artifact and stored safely within BeetleboxCI’s store. ready to be used by the next member of the team. At the end of the pipeline, a complete system is produced ready to be deployed to her servers.

BeetleboxCI supports Jane’s entire team whether they are designing hardware or working on neural networks. New FPGA design tools are coming out at a rapid pace that are allowing software developers and data scientists to get involved and BeetleboxCI is committed to providing support for these tools. No matter what layer of the software stack Jane’s team is developing for BeetleboxCI provides the right environment for them, from Verilog to Python from hardware to User Interface. The public artifact store provides pre-set docker images complete with the tools, libraries, hardware and firmware to help the team get immediately started.

In fact, using BeetleboxCI Jane does not even need to worry about having the right infrastructure to run FPGA design tools. Setting up Continuous Integration with other CI solutions can be a pain, but with BeetleboxCI it is simple. BeetleboxCI’s cloud is designed for the performance-intensive, day-long tasks that FPGA development can demand. Jane can run her tasks in parallel with each other and shave hours of build and test time. Beetlebox’s cloud scales with her needs, so whether Jane is running 1 job or a 1000, she will never be limited by her own infrastructure. Through BeetleboxCI Jane can use the latest software development practises and continuously deliver the latest high-performance AI at rapid pace to her clients.

But AI is only one bit of the FPGA eco-system, BeetleboxCI supports all sorts of FPGA designs solutions. So whether you are a hardened FPGA developer or somebody looking to get started., BeetleboxCI is the perfect tool for your FPGA design. Get started today and see how far your designs can go.”

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