Redefining DevOps for the IoT

Decrease development periods, improve rate of updates and improve user experience, no matter resource constraints, limited connectivity or needed IoT software.

A web describing the iot with a Cloud at the center and devices at the edge
Automate any process

Rapidly increase your team’s rate of development and code quality

IoT software requires a rigorous testing process before release, which means that frequently changing code can be a nightmare. With BeetleboxCI, testing any code changes is simple, whether changing the devices or the underline IoT infrastructure.

Confidently update devices and infrastructure

IoT infrastructure and devices that cannot be confidently updated pose a serious risk to users. BeetleboxCI empowers developers to build in automated tests that can check every aspect of the IoT from the sensors on the edge to servers.

Gain better insight into your data and improve user experience

Efficiently handle how your IoT infrastructure gathers and processes data from edge devices and make it easier to deliver deep insights for your users. 

Run on any IoT device

No matter the resource constraints, connectivity or needed software, BeetleboxCI can automate your embedded devices

Unlike most other automation platforms, BeetleboxCI has no software requirements or software that needs to be placed on devices. This means that testing is incredibly resource efficient and allows developers to test the way they wish to, using the software that they are familiar with.

Save time and resources

Stop compromising between development and testing. Reduce your current engineer’s bandwidth and give more time to pioneering designs.

Automate in minutes

Get going with tutorials and pre-built pipelines for several popular embedded boards.

Why BeetleboxCI?

BeetleboxCI is the only continuous integration platform designed specifically for the smart, embedded devices that fuel the IoT.

Runs where your team needs it to run

By default, BeetleboxCI provides the privacy you need by running locally on your desktop or private severs. We can even host BeetleboxCI on private Cloud.

Integrates with your pre-existing tools

Connect to your source control management systems such as GitHub and GitLab. We also provide support for integrating specific software tools used for embedded development.

Hardware-in-the-loop testing

Easily integrate actual hardware into your testing pipeline and have code automatically run on devices. No matter the resource constraints or connectivity.

Pre-built support for many popular board series

Get up and running quickly with your favourite embedded boards. We support pipelines that can quickly get developers up and running, so that they can customise their tests.

Ready to get going?

BeetleboxCI has a free one month trial. It is also completely free for open source and academic projects.

Streamline the development process

BeetleboxCI is the best DevOps platform built specifically for the smart embedded devices.

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