Ensuring Quality and Reliability for FPGA technology

Automate the entire development process from synthesising, to programming firmware, to building hardware-accelerated user applications.
Simplify testing

Make the difficult FPGA development and testing process simple with BeetleboxCI

From tiny, embedded FPGAs to custom hardware running in the Cloud, BeetleboxCI brings powerful automated workflows to adaptive computing

Ensure the highest level of accuracy and reliability

FPGA technology relies on deep and comprehensive tests. Ensure that these tests are complete and easily repeatable.

Run thousands of tests on real hardware

BeetleboxCI is designed to handle fleets of devices simultaneously, meaning multiple tests can run on real hardware simultaneously

Gain confidence to reconfigure often

FPGAs are unique as their hardware can be updated after deployment. Take advantage with automated pipelines that can configure on the fly.

Deliver unparalleled efficiency

Run tests, gain performance results and share with the team with unparalleled efficiency. Gain feedback faster and iterate on designs with superior information.

One tool for the entire team

Rapidly increase rate of development and code quality

FPGA designs require detailed and comprehensive verification. Don’t let this process slow down your team by providing powerful automation that can efficiently test any changes.

Share the latest generated files easily in one centralised location

Do not let important files sit on a single engineer’s desktop. BeetleboxCI safely stores large generated files where they can be tracked, traced and accessed by anyone in the team.

Gain deep insights into the entire development process

Efficient FPGA design is reliant on great management. Pipeline help provide a bird’s eye view of the project and enable engineer’s to see the status of their project at any single moment.

Solving challenges

Make the difficult FPGA development and testing process simple with BeetleboxCI

Solution FPGA Reduce Upfront
Reduced upfront work

Many developers are concerned about the upfront work that comes from setting up automation. BeetleboxCI is designed for any engineer to be able to pick up and start automating in the same day.

Solution FPGAs integrate
Simple integration of tools

With BeetleboxCI, we strive to make it simple as possible to integrate in the tools and procedures needed to get up running fast. From source control, such as Git, to logic simulation tools.

Solution fpga Easy maintance
Easy maintenance of environments

Tracking what files were generated with a particular software or library is an important, but often overlooked part of FPGA design. BeetleboxCI’s pipelines make it simple to maintain the exact environments used for a design.

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Streamline the development process

BeetleboxCI is the best DevOps platform built specifically for the smart embedded devices.

Using FPGAs in an IoT device?

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