We are proudly announcing BeetleboxCI at Embedded World 2021! Join us at 11:50am (GMT+1) on 3rd March to learn more at our talk!.

 BeetleboxCI is the next generation of development automation for intelligent Edge computing powered by FPGAs. Gain the high performance, low latency and low power consumption benefits of FPGA edge computing with modern automation tools. BeetleboxCI eases the FPGA development process by providing a Continuous Integration solution that automates all the crucial stages needed for deployment. From developing hardware in HDL, through to creating firmware, and finally writing software applications using the high-level languages and tools software developers are familiar with.

Lowers the barriers required to get started with FPGAs. We provide pre-set configurations, enabling developers to get immediately started with the tools they are familiar with.

No need for any pre-existing infrastructure. Our solution runs completely on the Cloud as a web service, meaning that we require no local compute power or servers.

Teams work smarter and more effectively. Our solution provides a central location to run, build, test and store. Developers can instantly share and have access to any builds or tests.

Better tracking of the testing process. Through one central solution developers can easily see what tests have been run on the most recent builds, allowing better co-ordination of tests.

Our solution scales with your product. The amount of computing and storage need at the beginning of concept design is far smaller than the amount needed a few weeks before release. Our solution allows you to scale the amount of builds and tests as you need it.

If you wish to try out BeetleboxCI, we are launching BeetleboxCI under a Free tier. We also offer BeetleboxCI as Virtual Private Cloud and as a private infrastructure solution. Come talk to us to find out how we can help provide solutions for your next project.

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