Slide BeetleboxCI brings Continuous Integration to FPGA design BeetleboxCI provides everything needed to automate
the FPGA development process without long build times
or complex setup
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How it works


Building and simulating FPGA designs is an intensive task. Our machines are specifically designed to run FPGA tools fast.


FPGA development consists of multiple stages using an array of tools. Have complete control of how your builds and tests are orchestrated from hardware to software applications.


Track the progress of your projects better with a bird’s eye view of all your workflows.

Our solution is designed for the FPGA workflow

Job orchestration

Configure complex jobs and get the order of your builds and tests perfect for your project. Use YAML-based configuration files to completely control your development process.

Designed from the ground up to support FPGA design

We support Xilinx’s Ultrascale+ Zynq series as well as the supporting development tools such as the Vitis Unified Development Environment.

High performance machines for heavy tasks

Traditional CI tools do not provide the necessary RAM or CPU usage needed to run the performance heavy tasks. BeetleboxCI is optimised to run these tasks to ensure the fastest possible build and test speeds.

Highly scalable infrastructure with no maintenance

Whether you are looking at running one job or a hundred we provide the infrastructure needed to orchestrate complex build and test systems. BeetleboxCI requires no maintenance from your team and is ready to be used from day one.

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