Automate the development process for IoT and embedded devices with BeetleboxCI

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BeetleboxCI is a powerful DevOps software designed specifically for IoT, embedded, and hardware projects.

IoT & Embedded

Setup and test embedded devices like microcontrollers, microprocessors and single board computers.


Streamline the process of running machine learning models on edge, whilst actively maintaining and monitoring them.


Automate the security tests need to ensure that every update to a device is secure by default.


Reduce the lengthy hardware development process, by automating logical simulations, synthesis and directly reconfigure connected boards.

Why adopt BeetleboxCI?

BeetleboxCI streamlines the development process by automating the building, testing, and deployment of code, saving time and reducing errors.

With BeetleboxCI, teams can focus on writing high-quality code and delivering innovative products to market faster.


Automate your build and test process for hardware, firmware and software

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Easily connect code

Place code inside a version control system, such as GitHub, GitLab or even self managed repository.

Automation through code

Configure how builds and tests are run through configuration files held in the repository.

Run builds and tests whenever

Runs can be triggered through changes to the code, certain times or dates or through the web app. Every task is run in a clean environment.

Test hundreds of devices with no cost

Unlike other CI, BeetleboxCI is designed to simulate and emulate devices through virtual platforms. Run hundreds of tests without buying a single new device.

Connect and run on real hardware

Developers can run the entire stack from configuring the hardware, to changing the firmware, to testing the software application. A

Release with confidence

Update hundreds of devices with complete traceability and accountability.

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