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BeetleboxCI is a breakthrough in automation for FPGA design. Our solution enables customers to design, develop and deploy accelerated solutions rapidly from data centre AI to digital signal processing on tiny devices. Our automation platform provides all the development infrastructure for the creation of FPGA designs. This platform automates and monitors the entire lifecycle of the accelerated solution from integration and testing to deployment.

Key Benefits

Accelerate time-to-market

FPGA’s advantage relies on accelerating the latest workloads to meet today’s demanding compute needs. We empower developers to deliver the latest FPGA designs quickly to market using the modern software development practice of continuous integration.

Keep projects on track

Setting up and configuring in-house servers requires months of time-investment that FPGA designers should be spending on innovating. Using BeetleboxCI, allows teams to rapidly automate their product lifecycle, so you can gain the benefits without the infrastructure requirements.

Our systems scale with your needs and is designed to handle all stages of development from overnight builds to weeklong simulations.

Higher customer satisfaction

Be agile and easily iterate on previous designs. Keep optimally processing client’s workloads with better builds, logs and performance data.

How BeetleboxCI Works

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