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Robotic systems often require complex computer vision to understand and interact with the environment around them. Decisions need to be made in a matter of milliseconds. At Beetlebox, we provide kernels delivering optimal levels of functionality at a consistent, low latency.

With limited space available to install fans, cooling is often difficult. To solve this, we can provide great performance per watt, reducing heat production and allowing passive cooling.

Industry 4.0

Creating the next generation of Smart Factories is more than just gathering sensor data. Data must be processed rapidly so that equipment can react in real time to make optimal decisions in the product pipeline. This creates huge demand on both throughput and latency.

Beetlebox meets these demands through FPGA technology, processing large amounts of data in parallel and in real time. Equipment can perform more complex analysis in a shorter time period, increasing overall efficiency.



Machine Vision

Frame Grabbers


Consumer Drones

Smart Cameras

Consumer Robotics


Today’s consumers are looking for smart devices with the latest in computer vision technology. At Beetlebox we can provide this technology at lower power consumption preserving battery life. Such features include Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) for cameras.

We can enable real time complex computer vision on the edge. No need to worry about losing connection or relying on the cloud.


Computer vision can rapidly analyze security situations, alerting users to take prompt action, if needed. This requires the processing power for alerts to be delivered in real time, but such alerts must also be kept safe. Relying on the cloud means data can be insecure.

Using our computer vision expertise, we enable security cameras to process the information at the edge, not on the cloud, reducing response time and increasing security.




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