Deploy Artificial Intelligence on the edge and decrease Data Centre Costs
Design, Build and Monitor high-Performance devices
with the Beetlebox A-IoT Edge Solution
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Our solution enables next generation intelligence for devices using hardware acceleration

Automate the development process for FPGAs, from designing and building, to monitoring and maintenance.

Decrease data centre costs

Bring the power of AI from the Cloud to devices. Process video and sensor data on the edge, lowering cloud processing and storage costs.

Decrease automated decision time

Meet tight timing requirements by enabling devices to process and react to sensor or video data in milliseconds, bypassing networking with the cloud.

Increase Privacy and Security

Keep systems running offline and address privacy by filtering information before it ever reaches the Cloud.

“By combining Beetlebox A-IoT edge solution with our FPGA enabled boards, we achieved real-time, high definition video stabilisation that easily communicated with the cloud, which would not have been possible using other chips. We are looking forward to deploying this solution in robotics to provide safe and secure over-the-air updates.”

Flemming Christen

M.D. Sundance Microprocessor Technology


Create the next generation of Smart Factories by processing data on the edge. Make microsecond decisions on the factory floor with real-time video and data analytics,
whilst lowering Cloud costs.

Robotics and Drones

Beetlebox provides the video analytics needed for robotics to understand and interact with the environment around them. Make decisions in a matter of milliseconds and meet stringent
latency requirements.


Using our solution, we can analyze and anonymize data before it ever reaches the Cloud. Securely process video streams without costly Cloud computation.

Smart City

Smart cities produce vast amounts of data that must be securely analyzed whilst respecting privacy and data laws. Our solution brings the power of the Cloud to the edge, lowering data center costs and increasing privacy.

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