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Streamline your embedded DevOps with Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Deployment (CD).

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Slide Streamline your development process and get to market faster with powerful automation from BeetleboxCI. Get the edge on the competition with a platform designed for smart embedded devices, and experience faster time to market. Speed up your
development process
Slide With BeetleboxCI, you can ensure the safety and security of your smart devices. Keep your data and operations secure at all time no matter what kind of environment you're in. Secure your smart devices Slide Cut down on development costs and reduce risk with BeetleboxCI's powerful platform. Find errors faster and earlier to identify problems in the development process before they become costly mistakes Identify errors quickly and reduce risk.

Accelerate your engineering process and take control of the IoT world with BeetleboxCI

BeetleboxCI is a powerful tool that helps developers produce automated pipelines for the development of embedded and IoT devices. It takes the source code and helps deliver fully built and tested devices, eliminating the need for developers to manually build and test their products.

Create powerful automated pipelines

Automate the hundreds of tasks that can build, emulate, simulate, test, deploy, update and monitor your devices. Using CI, developers can perform all these tasks with ease and in record time.

Monitor and maintain with Continuous Deployment

Test code more regularly and thoroughly and monitor their status in real time as they run. With CI, developers can keep track of their code versions, quickly identify issues, and maintain their devices in a reliable and secure state.

Secure, reliable and cost-effective data storage

Centralized storage allows for remote access and control of
the devices and data associated with the IoT. It enables DevOps teams to quickly and easily deploy applications, enabling better collaboration between teams.

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BeetleboxCI enables developers to create automated pipelines to connect to their version control systems (such as GitHub or GitLab) and distribute their compiled code to devices like Raspberry Pis.

 Andrew Swirski – Founder, Beetlebox


CI CD Solutions powered by BeetleboxCI

The IoT

Automate setting and managing IoT infrastructure, including connecting devices to the Cloud.

Embedded Systems

Identify issues in custom hardware early using features specifically built for embedded devices.

Virtual Devices

Mimic your devices and be able to run thousands of tests without using a single piece of hardware.


Data Analysis

Retrieve data from devices and process them to gain a deeper understanding of your users.


Develop, deploy and continuously improve machine learning models for your devices.


Build automated flows to secure your devices and continuously deliver security updates.

HIL Testing

Hardware-in-the-loop testing
provides real inputs, run tests,
and monitor on physical devices.

Fleet Management

Continuously fetch data from
devices to gain high visibility
across your fleet of devices.

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