Achieve the high performance of FPGAs without the hardware expertise

Let us provide solutions for your computer vision applications


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  • We provide the high performance you require from FPGAs without the need for computer vision hardware specialists, through ClickCV’s pre-existing kernels or by developing bespoke kernels for your system
  • Get systems on FPGAs up and running faster through software development environments. Create systems tests faster than before.
  • Let your software engineers use industry-standard tools and libraries, including OpenCV, GStreamer and FFMPEG
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What our solutions provide for you
High performance with no need for hardware experts
ClickCV kernels are designed to take full advantage of the adaptability of FPGAs. Achieve lower latency and power consumption for your devices
Use industry-standard tools and libraries
ClickCV interfaces with standard tools and libraries including OpenCV, GStreamer and FFMPEG
Need a bespoke system up and running?
Let us work with you to develop custom systems complete with bespoke kernels to meet your requirements

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