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Improve Developer Productivity

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Allow developers to easily run thousands of tests on target hardware with ease.

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Run the entire development process from code to deployed application in hours instead of days.


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Free developers from time consuming repetitive tasks and let them focus on value creation.

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Constantly deploy improvements and gain real time insight into the impact of updates.

Reduce Project

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BeetleboxCI allows a full range of tests to frequently run on actual hardware.

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Test innovations early and often. Validate your approaches before full scale releases.

Our unique value

Bespoke continuous integration solutions for your business

A lasting automation solution complete with tools and infrastucture

Many in-house solutions focus only on automation for the immediate project, but quickly abandon their automation when developing the next project.

At Beetlebox, we aim to provide the infrastructure and framework that can be used and adapted across multiple projects.

Benefit immediately from automation experts

Our solution is designed to solve the unique challenges of smart, embedded devices.

We can quickly get a solution running. Whether that be connecting these device through the Internet of Things (IoT) or running the very latest AI model.

Increased collaboration and throughput

In-house teams tends to designate a few individuals who become responsible for all automation in the company and are siloed from their original work.

We make DevOps a shared culture within an organisation that increases collaboration and ultimately throughput.


Creating a DevOps Vision

We work with you to understand the pain points faced by your team and identify how automation can help solve these problems.

We strive to build a strategic vision that can then be separated into a number of key stages. We target the most time consuming manual steps first and expand till every step is automated.



Beyond DevOps

We go beyond regular DevOps. Our solution works across a large range of devices from the smallest microcontrollers to server-scale FPGAs.

We can test and deploy across any device no matter its capabilities.


Infrastructure for any problem

We can provide solutions on private Cloud or on-premise. We can show how to connect and test on devices and provide the custom pipeline for your bespoke needs.

Full training and support ensures that your engineers can use the system to its fullest potential.

Ready to get going?

Get in contact with us today and learn how we can help with your automation bottlenecks.

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