Real Time Low Latency Computer Vision

Easily integrate high performance FPGA kernels without the need for hardware expertise using ClickCV

High Performance

No Hardware Expertise Needed

Achieve greater performance than standard CPUs without the need for hardware engineers

  • ClickCV provides accelerated kernels that can integrate solely through software environments
  • Use standard software languages and development environments to build your systems


Use Standard Libraries and Tools

ClickCV is designed to integrate with industry-standard computer vision libraries and tools:

  • ClickCV kernels integrate into FPGA Software Development Environments
  • ClickCV can be used alongside other hardware accelerated libraries and Deep Learning toolsets
  • Use software libraries such as OpenCV, FFMPEG and GStreamer




Get Greater FPS At Higher Resolutions

Use the adaptability of FPGAs to build video solutions tailored to your application

  • Build powerful video pipelines using ClickCV and take full advantage of the parallelism that FPGAs offer
  • FPGA’s adaptability allows us to build customised kernels to meet your exact system specifications

Achieve Lower Latency and Power Consumption

Build computer vision systems that have consistently low latency and power consumption

  • By hardening video pipelines on the FPGA, latency can be made constant and low, perfect for latency sensitive applications
  • Lower power consumption not only saves on battery, but reduces heating, potentially allowing for passive cooling

Get System Tests Up And Running Faster

Start rapidly deploying systems on FPGAs and get testing faster

  • For hardware engineers, develop custom kernels using RTL and immediately integrate into a test system
  • For software engineers, kernels can be developed using C/C++ and High Level Synthesis (HLS) tools