Slide Drop-In acceleration with minimal code changes
Hardware-Accelerated Computer Vision & AI. Provided as standard with the Beetlebox A-IoT edge solution.

ClickCV is designed to simply replace and accelerate existing OpenCV modules. Acceleration is as simple as replacing a few lines of code.

Experience the performance of FPGAs without the need for low- level coding. ClickCV modules target high level functionality to build applications fast.

Integrate ClickCV modules with any pre-existing OpenCV or GStreamer video pipeline without costly code rewrites.

High-performance, hardware-accelerated computer vision modules

ClickCV modules run on FPGA-powered System-on-Chips (SoCs) and achieve 10x performance over OpenCV modules running on equivalent SoCs. ClickCV offloads computationally expensive video analytics to the FPGA, freeing CPUs for higher-level control.

Learn more about how ClickCV provides acceleration for robotics.

Get immediate acceleration with drop-in replacement functionality

Our modules provide drop-in replacements for OpenCV, allowing code to be hardware-accelerated with minimal changes.  We target high-level functionality, allowing complex systems to be built in days, not months.

Integrate into pre-existing video systems

ClickCV modules integrate seamlessly with pre-existing computer vision frameworks, both on and off the FPGA:

  • Integrate ClickCV into any OpenCV project and handle forming complex video pipelines in a single line.
  • ClickCV modules follow the same standards as Vitis Vision and can be combined to form powerful video pipelines on the FPGA fabric.


How it works

ClickCV Main Modules

For developers who want to build fast

Main modules provide the same development experience as working with OpenCV, and can be integrated into any pre-existing program for immediate acceleration. Video pipelines are automatically set up with no need for OpenCL.

ClickCV Pipeline Modules

For developers experienced in hardware and OpenCL

Pipeline modules form the backbone of ClickCV and are linked together to form high resolution, low latency video pipelines. Modules can even integrate with other Computer Vision libraries, such as Vitis Vision Library, or be used to provide pre and post processing steps for Vitis AI.

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