As demands for ever more intelligent devices increases, developers have looked towards offloading Artificial Intelligence and other data analytics to the Cloud. Sending this information has led to large increases in bandwidth and processing costs. For many applications this has also led to issues with network lag as well as security and privacy concerns.

To overcome these issues developers have looked increasingly towards edge computing, which is where data is processed next to its source, reducing bandwidth usage, overcoming network latency, cutting computing costs and increasing data privacy. Edge computing though has two key challenges: providing the same level of functionality as the Cloud with limited processing and being as easy to develop for as Cloud software.

Our A-IoT Edge Solution is designed to meet these challenges, providing both high performance per Watt through FPGA technology and a Continuous Integration environment complete with standard software tools to get software developers up and running. Our service also allows teams to work smarter through a shared build and test system, allowing better collaboration and a smooth development process from initial designs all the way through to release, monitoring and updating. 

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