Everything you need to know about DevOps for Raspb...

Ever put your Raspberry Pi inside a robot and wanted to be able to still develop without plugging it into a monitor? Have you had more than one raspberry pi that you wanted to update at once? Have two developers

How to setup continuous integration on Raspberry P...

Introduction In this section, we will be exploring the basics of setting up continous integration on a Raspberry Pi. Our first challenge will be remotly communicating with our device over SSH, whilst then creating and using SSH keys to keep

How CI/CD makes development better for IoT teams.

With technology moving at a more rapid pace than ever before, it can be difficult for developers to keep up with competition, but teams practising CI/CD can meet these challenges head on. Previously when devices had little to no connectivity,

What you need to know for CI/CD for the IoT

What you need to know for CI/CD for the IoT.

CI/CD is a development method for delivering software solutions in a safe, reliable and regular manner. It involves a continuous and automatic process for building, testing and deploying to meet a team’s code quality and software security standards. Traditionally when

Jenkins vs BeetleboxCI

How to have a better CI/CD system: BeetleboxCI vs ...

Frustration with Jenkins is frequently raised when prospective customers speak with us. Yet, Jenkins remains the most popular CI/CD platform that is used by embedded and hardware engineers.  In fact, encountering Jenkins issues was the inspiration behind our own CI/CD

How to cut project time through automation with CI...

68% of FPGA projects are completed behind schedule with 51% of project time dominated by verification. Yet many FPGA engineers resign themselves to running every project the same way. They manually run through all the steps, every time they want

What is BeetleboxCI for CI/CD? See our demo now.

We’ve put together our first quick snippet for BeetleboxCI. The first CI/CD service specifically built for entire systems from embedded applications to server-class FPGA and ASIC. You can also check out our youtube for more videos and upcoming more detailed

Kickstart AI automation on FPGAs with BeetleboxCI

Check out our new short presentation on how BeetleboxCI provides whole application acceleration to AI, keeping with innovation far faster than other silicon chips: https://beetlebox.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/11/BeetleboxCI-for-Artificial-Intelligence.pdf The speed of AI innovation is outpacing silicon chips. FPGA Accelerators are the solutions. Here

The easy getting started guide with BeetleboxCI an...

Part 2: Quick Start Guide This is a quick start tutorial designed to show how to get started using BeetleboxCI and Vitis AI, in which we will cover the following: Designing a Neural Network – Designing a simple neural network

Learn more about BeetleboxCI, the automated platfo...

We have just released a new one page explainer of BeetleboxCI, which can be found here: https://beetlebox.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/10/BeetleboxCI-Single-Page-Leaflet.pdf BeetleboxCI is a breakthrough in automation for FPGA design. Our solution enables customers to design, develop and deploy accelerated solutions rapidly from data



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