Kickstart AI automation on FPGAs with BeetleboxCI

Check out our new short presentation on how BeetleboxCI provides whole application acceleration to AI, keeping with innovation far faster than other silicon chips: The speed of AI innovation is outpacing silicon chips. FPGA Accelerators are the solutions. Here

The easy getting started guide with BeetleboxCI an...

Part 2: Quick Start Guide This is a quick start tutorial designed to show how to get started using BeetleboxCI and Vitis AI, in which we will cover the following: Designing a Neural Network – Designing a simple neural network

Learn more about BeetleboxCI, the automated platfo...

We have just released a new one page explainer of BeetleboxCI, which can be found here: BeetleboxCI is a breakthrough in automation for FPGA design. Our solution enables customers to design, develop and deploy accelerated solutions rapidly from data

Complete Vitis AI tutorial with TensorFlow, Keras ...

Part 1: Introduction Welcome to our multi part tutorial on using Vitis AI with TensorFlow, Keras and BeetleboxCI. This tutorial series is designed to teach the entire development process from initial code to forming an entire Continuous Integration pipeline that

Why use Continuous Integration for FPGA design?

FPGA design has long been using traditional hardware development practises such as waterfall and V-model, but we believe the future of FPGAs lies in continuous integration and in this video we explore why. Transcript: FPGA design development has always embraced

What is Continuous Integration?

In this video, we explore continuous integration and its benefits to development. Transcript: Continuous Integration is a software development practice that improves software quality, reduces validation time, and reduces time spent finding and addressing bugs? A team of developers regularly

Why use FPGAs for AI?

In our latest video we explain why there is so much excitement around using FPGAs for AI. Transcript: FPGAs have been around for decades but there has been renewed excitement around them thanks to AI, but why are we considering

What are FPGAs and why do they matter?

Check out our latest short video introduction to FPGAs: Transcript: “Field Programmable Gate Arrays or FPGAs for short are silicon chips that are made of reconfigurable blocks. In a normal chip, such as a CPU or a GPU, when we

What is BeetleboxCI? New video up.

New video is up! BeetleboxCI is a new continuous integration solution for FPGAs. Let’s see how it can help automate high performance solutions. We are currently in Early Access and are providing free access. Transcript: “BeetleboxCI is a solution for

BeetleboxCI is a new breakthrough in the automatio...

Today, Beetlebox announces the availability of BeetleboxCI in Early Access, the first Continuous Integration (CI) service for FPGA designs. BeetleboxCI is designed to meet the growing need for design productivity by accelerating time-to-market through powerful cloud automation. FPGA technology is



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