Slide Bring the power of the cloud to devices themselves with the Beetlebox A-IoT Edge solution
We automate the entire lifecycle of FPGA-Accelerated devices, enabling software developers to access higher performance without hardware expertise.

We provide pre-set configurations containing the software tools developers need to achieve superior performance.

Our solution automates the entire IoT lifecycle through the Cloud. Run builds and tests, deploy new updates and send data to any Cloud provider.

Easily share code, builds and tests among teammates for effortless colloboration and reduced build time.

How it works

1. Design

Designing solutions for the A-IoT require teams to co-ordinate and rapidly iterate. Design and develop smarter with the Beetlebox A-IoT solution:

  • Choose the right prototyping environment and get developing with FPGAs in minutes. Our pre-set environments are designed to use standard software tools and libraries to quickly communicate with the Cloud. We support standard development boards that use the Xilinx Zynq-7000 and Ultrascale series, such as the Ultra96 and ZCU104.
  • Streamline the development process via full integration with Git repos. Builds are automatically stored, allowing developers to quickly share their work.


2. Build and Test

Manage the entire build and test process through Continuous Integration (CI) for FPGAs:

  • Our workflows provide sophisticated control over builds and tests. Simply push to Git and our cloud-based system will build all hardware and platforms using standard FPGA build tools, such as Xilinx’s Vivado, Petalinux and Vitis.
  • Our solution covers procedures for FPGAs, from software and hardware emulation to running tests on connected devices for faster testing closure.


3. Deploy

Register devices with our A-IoT edge solution and allow the continuous deployment of new applications and updates:

  • Push successful builds directly onto registered devices themselves and directly test on them.
  • Manage software versions  across the entire fleet and keep your devices up-to-date.


4. Monitor and Maintain

The Beetlebox A-IoT enables developers to easily send processed and filtered information to the cloud. This reduces Cloud processing and retains connectivity:

  • Register edge devices to Cloud infrastructure and begin monitoring data from anywhere.
  • Our solution provides pre-set configurations to start easily communicating with Cloud providers, such as Amazon Web Services.

5. Update

Ensure devices in the field are updated safely and securely with the latest software and firmware:

  • Remotely monitor and manage the update process and get live feedback on deployment progress.

High Performance Enabled Through FPGA Technology

Our solution can provide 10x faster video and data analytics over standard embedded CPUs.

We provide high-performance computer vision through our OpenCV-based library, ClickCV, which comes as standard with our solution. Through this library, we achieve lower latency and power consumption compared to CPU technology.

Software development on FPGAs made simple

We automate the key challenging areas of FPGA development so there is no need for hardware or firmware expertise. Get developing in a single download using familiar languages, such as Python and C, and using tools, such as OpenCV, Gstreamer and TensorFlow.

Need something more bespoke? We can customise any hardware or firmware on request and meet any specific challenges


Connect to The Cloud Fast

Our software stack is designed to connect to IoT Cloud providers easily. Extract data and monitor devices through exisiting tools, such as AWS IoT Greengrass.

We can also provide bespoke systems using standard messaging protocols, such as MQTT.

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