Our Vision

We live in a world where the amount of data being gathered is growing exponentially, but the traditional methods of processing data via CPUs are becoming less viable. With the ever increasing demand of processing data, we have seen huge interest in using alternative chips, such as FPGAs. Whilst FPGAs outperform CPUs, their core weakness is how inaccessible they are to the average software engineer. At Beetlebox, our vision is to make FPGAs approachable by bringing hardware acceleration to the software practises, environments and tools that developers use everyday.

Our Mission

We are bringing the power of Continuous Deployment approaches to embedded FPGAs to make FPGAs more accessible to software developers. Using our A-IoT Edge Web Solution, we enable developers to get up and running on FPGAs fast: deploying advanced analytics on boards and communicating with the cloud within minutes. We provide a powerful solution that empowers the whole lifecycle of an A-IoT device from design to deployment. 



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