A new computer vision library for FPGAs
High Performance
Achieve higher FPS at greater resolution using the power of FPGAs
Low latency
Deliver content from camera to computer with minimal lag
Fast Integration
ClickCV is designed to integrate with industry-standard computer vision libraries
No Hardware Expertise needed
Achieve high performance through software development environments
Deploy Systems Faster
Enable faster testing and deployment by accelerating systems through software
Build RTL Test Environments
Setup environments and systems to integrate and test RTL kernels
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Beetlebox, Computer Vision and FPGAs?
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Our Industries

Produce the next generation of intelligent devices

From smart cameras, consumer robotics to drones, ClickCV allows high performance with low power consumption. We bring the cutting edge of computer vision to consumer devices

  • Real time computer vision on devices with high frame rates in HD resolution
  • High performance per watt means running longer and staying cooler with no fans needed


Keep Cameras Smart and Secure

Use Beetlebox to make your data more secure by processing video streams on the camera itself. Perform all the latest in computer vision without any slow down by analyzing videos quickly and securely on the edge.

  • Real time computer vision on your device ensures instant alerts to any arising situation
  • Data is kept secure by performing all processing on the device itself with no cloud needed


Make robots react quickly to the world

For robots to become more intelligent, they need a full understanding of their environment with fast reaction speeds. This requires large amounts of processing in millisecond timeframes with no overheating.

  • Using Beetlebox, keep devices cooler and running longer with high performance per watt
  • Reduce time lag between camera and device with low latency video pipelines


Increase productivity through enhanced intelligence

Data from production lines is used to make decisions in milliseconds to optimise productivity. ClickCV can enable the fast visual inspection and analysis of thousands of products.

  • Make decisions faster with low latency processing
  • Achieve greater accuracy for applications such as defect detection

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