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Deliver high-quality FPGA systems fast

BeetleboxCI is the only Continuous Integration solution built specifically to support the unique development process of FPGAs

Accelerate time to market

Reduce the time spent managing tests and develop new solutions fast.

Keep projects on track

Regular, automatic builds and tests find bugs early so they can be solved fast.

Higher customer satisfaction

Deliver new features and updates to customers faster.

Higher quality, more predictable releases

We empower developers to utilise Continuous Integration for FPGA design that increases speed of development, whilst ensuring high quality code through automated builds and tests.

Integration and better coordination for all members of the team

Modern FPGA development teams are no longer just hardware developers. Manage and integrate the work of firmware engineers, software developers and data scientists into a single workflow.

Get started developing fast

We provide native support for FPGA development tools. With no need for any infrastructure setup, BeetleboxCI makes getting started with FPGA design easy.

Scalable infrastructure

Reduce the amount of time and effort developing in-house testing scripts and tools. BeetleboxCI is designed to handle all stages of development from one or two prototype tests to week long simulations.

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